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In Store: Marcia Wegman, Playing with Paint, New Abstract Paintings. November 6 - December 4. Opening Reception is November 6, 5 - 6:30pm. (Face coverings required.) 

Image shown: Sunny Field

"Although pastel landscapes occupy the major part of my studio time, I periodically set aside the pastels and bring the acrylic paints, brushes, assorted tools and YUPO paper up from the basement into my studio which is an integral part of my little cottage of a house.  I am always excited to find out what will result from what is generally a two week period of exploration, experimentation and play with paint. Because it is such a different approach to how I create the pastel landscapes, it is like a palate refresher between courses of an elegant dinner. I have nothing particular in mind when I begin a new abstract painting.  I start out by choosing two or three colors to work with.  Knowing this group of paintings would be shown together I consciously tried to use very different color combinations so each painting would be unique." 



Online: Meet the Artists: Marcia Wegman & Hall Ide, Thursday November 12, 5pm

This webinar features a conversation with Marcia Wegman & Hal Ide. Marcia Wegman is ]well known for her breathtaking landscape pastels. Hal Ide, a local classical musician and artist, has studied with Marcia for 5 years. Learn more about this special professional bond of mentoring and friendship. As a webinar, audience cameras and mics will be turned off, but questions can be submitted. Bring your glass of wine and munchies! To receive the Zoom link, you must register, providing your name and email address. It's easy! All Meet the Artist Events are being recorded and will live on the Iowa Artisans Gallery YouTube Channel.


John Martinek's natural landscape images

Online: Meet the Artist: John Martinek, October 17, 1:30pm. View this a recording of this event on the Iowa Artisans Gallery YouTube Channel.


Kate Brennan Hall, October 3, 2020. View a recording of this event on Iowa Artisans Gallery's YouTube Channel.




 Wednesdays March 18th, & 25th, April 1st from 6p-8p. 

***We are now offering a special on registration for this class. It is $125 for one person, but if you sign up for 2 people you get both for $175! 

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March 27th: Presentation: 6:30p-8p.

March 28th two class sections: 9a-2p & 2p-6p

For more information & registration for "Kaleidoscopes" Class click HERE.



Saturday, April 11th from 5:30 - 7:30p. 

For more information & registration for "Pamphlet Book Class" click HERE.


Saturdays from 2p - 4p: April 18 & 25th, May 2nd & 9th. 

For more info & registration for "Capturing the Light With Oil" Class click HERE.




Saturday, April 25th from 10a - 1:30p. 

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Saturday, March 7th from 1p-3p. 

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