Michael Buenger

Michael Buenger 

Iowa City, IA


For as long as have I existed, I have been around woodworking, or some form of it, due to it being both my grandpas and my dad’s favorite hobby. One grandpa refinished Arts and Crafts and Art Deco style antique furniture and put them back to use in my grandparent’s home. The other grandpa loved to carve wildlife out of blocks of Basswood. My dad always steered toward making fine furniture (dressers, desks, cabinets, display cabinets, picture frames, etc.) for his family and extended family members. In comes me. I would say I have combined all three of their passions into my own. I love to make anything I can out of wood (dad), but also add some creativity in design (grandpa 2) while trying to incorporate style into whatever I create (grandpa 1). I have shifted interests within woodworking over the years, but have always kept it a passion of mine. This has allowed me to expand my horizons and disciplines within woodworking. Currently, I am exploring ways in which I can incorporate natural pieces of wood into functional and aesthetically pleasing objects. I have an active imagination when it comes to creating pieces in my head. Pushing traditional into creative. On to the next idea...wood art, here I come. 

A day in the workshop is a day not wasted. 

I was born and raised in Iowa and am proud to call it my home. I grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa and currently work a day job as a business analyst (left brain) and woodworker by night (right brain).