Second Sunday Series: Anna Marie Pavlik

May's Second Sunday series will be very special for a several reasons. We will be having nationally acclaimed artist Anna Marie Pavlik in house for a hands-on interactive demonstration AND it's also Mother's Day so we will be having in store giveaways and will be serving cup cakes and champagne! 

When: Sunday May 12th 1PM - 3PM 

Where: IAG, of course! 

Demonstration Details:

Anna will be demonstrating her unique stratograph mono printing technique using a small printing press and oil based ink. This is a HANDS ON demo where guests are encouraged to participate! This is going to FUNNNNN!

What to Bring:

  • Apron to protect your clothes
  • Flat leaves/Flowers/other organic materials
  • Shapes/silhouettes cut from thin paper (about card stock thickness) 
  • Other thin objects/tape/stickers torn paper that would bet about card stock thickness

***Not required for participation but will make the demo more fun!***

Here is an example of one of Anna's gorgeous stratograph creations: 

Anna's details description of the Stratograph Monoprint Process:

Stratograph (or pressure printing) is a unique process that combines the versatility of mono print with the structure of a woodcut and characteristics of a rubbing.  It can be done using a press or entirely by hand offering both refined and rustic results.  I enjoy using this technique since it is a contrast to the permanent marks made with an etched plate.  It also gives me the opportunity to merge the intimate quality of familiar plants with a larger narrative, joining near and far elements, and the present time with the past.

To create an image I start with a layer of ink on a smooth surface.  The paper to be printed is laid directly on the ink.  On top of the paper I place materials, such as leaves and a silhouette cutout.  Over this I position a stiff board.  The stack is pressed with limited pressure for the first impression, resulting in dark marks where there is the greatest thickness of materials.  A second impression can be made on another piece of paper by increasing pressure lifting the remaining ink.  This impression is a tonal reverse from the first run.  The lightest tones are made from the areas of the heaviest removal of ink on the initial impression.  The darkest tones are the lightest areas of the first pass.