John Martinek: Introduction to Scratchboard Class
John Martinek: Introduction to Scratchboard Class
John Martinek: Introduction to Scratchboard Class

John Martinek: Introduction to Scratchboard Class

John Martinek

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Instructor: John Martinek 

Date: November 10th

Time: 12:30p - 2:30p

Registration Cost: $40.00

Class Information: 

Scratchboards are essentially a reductive approach to creating black and white ink drawings.  I believe their unique advantage is that they flip the traditional approach of adding black ink to white paper and instead the image is created in reverse by drawing the white areas into a black ground.  This perceptual shift leads to many unexpected and interesting results, and can give the artist fresh insights into the experience of drawing and composing images.  For me, the results are often more compelling than the additive approach, and also full of rich details and textures that can’t easily be obtained any other way. 

 The “scratchboard” itself is a fiberboard panel covered with a smooth white clay ground and evenly coated with black India ink.  Drawings can be created on this surface by scraping or scratching away the black ink to reveal the white ground underneath.  The result is typically a very high contrast drawing with crisp details and a carved “woodcut” relief printed look.  In addition to this, additive techniques (corrections), color, texture, creating gray tones, cross hatching, working from a white ground, finishing and sealing the panel, and the use of various tools will be explored in the class.  We will also discuss the expressive potential of scratchboard drawings and some of their unique characteristics related to developing content. 

Materials Provided:

  • One 5 x 7 black scratchboard clay board panel (to keep)
  • One 5 x 7 white clayboard panel (to keep)
  • X-acto knife with #12 blade (to keep)
  • Ampersand scratch board tools and various tools (to experiment with in the class)
  • Ampersand scratchboard color inks (to experiment with in the class)
  • Mechanical pens and India Ink (to experiment with in the class)
  • Acrylic spray varnish – satin or matte finish (to experiment with in the class)

Optional Recommended Materials:

  • Bring your own materials (all of the above can be purchased at Blick Art Materials) or please bring your own materials if you already have them.
  • Sketchbook, paper, pencils, nib pens, India ink, erasers, brushes, etc.
  • Drawing board, cardboard, or foam core board – will get covered with some black dust!

Note: Working with scratchboards and India ink can be messy.  Please take proper precautions to protect hands and clothing and plan accordingly.