William Desmond, Tools for the Art of Walking

Aledo, IL


Working as a college professor, William Desmond uses his summers not only to research, but to follow his passion for woodworking. Working with the material for nearly forty years, wood has played a large part in Desmond’s life. His work had taken on many variations, from rehabbing old farm houses to rehabbing Victorian mansions, as well as creating custom cabinetry and furniture.  Three years ago, he required a debilitating disease leaving little strength in his arms and legs, preventing him from taking on larger projects. Needing a cane to walk, he decided to use his skills in an attempt to make his own cane. After a period of trial and error, he has succeeded in crafting a variety of handles that work. And thus, Tools for the Art of Walking was born.

About the Canes and How to Care for Them:

These walking tools are made from a variety of both domestic and exotic woods. The domestic woods are local, with the Osage Orange coming from just down the street of Desmond. The Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Ash, and other woods come from city trees taken down by storm, disease, or the electric companies. The exotic woods are from two areas: Africa and South America, from the woods of sustainable forests.

All of the walking tools are finished with Tung Oil. A semi-annual, very light application of this oil will keep your walking tool happy. It can be easily found at any home improvement store.