David Woodworks, Tyler David

Potosi, WI


When Tyler David was 11 years old he came across a discovery in his dad’s woodworking shop. Tyler was turning a spinal on the lathe, he then found lumber crayons in the shop and started experimenting with them on the wood. Tyler applied the crayon to the wood and discovered that using a rag on the spinning wood blended it evenly. This action created friction and melted the wax from the crayon into the wood, leaving a smooth and permanent pigment. He continued to make these colored spindles on the lathe and eventually adapted the spindles into functional candleholders. Over time these candleholders proved to be quite popular, leading Tyler and his father Gary to enter into business together. They now create a wide variety of home decor and furniture pieces. The money Tyler has made from selling his work has put him through college at the University of Wisconsin Platteville, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the school of business. 

Now that Tyler is in his 20’s and a recent college graduate he is in full force of promoting and expanding his woodworking business. By selling at multiple successful galleries and attending craft shows nationwide, Gary and Tyler are continuously excited seeing their business evolve and grow.