Steve Mitchell

Packwood, IA


  I have collected stones from a very early age and have always been mechanically inclined.  My metal work allows me to use my torch, hammers, saws, files, etc. in a creative way.  All of my work is hand fabricated in my St Charles, IL studio using sterling and fine silver, and semi-precious stones (and occasionally copper or brass).  Working with sheet and wire (I do not use precious metal clay), I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to form each piece.  I buy my stones from individual cutters who cut the stones to display the stone’s finest aspects. I like my designs to look time worn. This is created by using patinas to create a darkening effect on the silver.   I enjoy the challenge of hand fabrication, and feel satisfaction knowing that each of my pieces is a truly unique one of a kind adventure in wearable art.

   My work is done in what I call phases (other artists call it a series) but I think “phase” is more appropriate, since it leads to another phase of a more difficult or challenging introduction to unlearned techniques for me to master.