Shepardson Studios

Black Mountain, NC


For as far back as I can remember I have always been a “hands-on” kind of person, enjoying almost any kind of activity that included making something.  Even as a teenager I was always busy with a craft, at that time selling custom designed clothing I had made to a local retailer.

After a lot of years spent in various fields such as woodworking, furniture-making, interior design and architectural drafting, I discovered glass fusing, which I like the best so far.

 My kiln-fired glass tableware and lighting pieces are produced by cutting and piecing together various colors of sheet glasses.  All the cutting is done by hand, and then the pieces are assembled and fused together in the kilns.  A second firing “slumps” the pieces over their molds, creating bowls and plates.

I make pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed, and I hope you will do both.

My work is carried at approximately 100 gift shops and galleries across the country. I also participate in a range of retail shows.