Sara Slee Brown

Sara Slee Brown  - Iowa City, IA


I have always been an artist but I have not always made art. The second of four children, the oldest daughter of a doctor father and a painter mother in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I was a child of the fifties. I loved rock 'n roll and football games. I went to college in my hometown, majored in art, and received a BFA in Painting. I married right out of college, had two children, supported my husband and his education. We ended up in Iowa City, IA where we have lived ever since and I earned my MA and MFA in Painting from the University of Iowa. In my early fifties I was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had a mastectomy and a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I worked as a clerk and graphic designer at the public library for 20 years. 

Art is the language I use to try to understand and share my journey, past, present and future.