Ryan Rezin

Iowa City, IA


With a long connection to the St. Florian Burn Foundation and its Miracle Burn Camp, Ryan Rezin is partnering with the Gallery to donate 20% of sales from this exhibit to St. Florian's, for use by the camp.

Rezin tells us: "I have always been drawn to the natural world, humbled by its transience and awe-striking displays. Moments are fleeting, as is life. My goal as a photographer is to capture both the dramatic, as well as intimate, scenes that nature has to offer. Doing so means I photograph nature during the most dramatic lighting and weather phenomenon, as well as utilize various photographic techniques such as slow shutter speeds, light painting, time-lapse stacking and my arsenal of filters. I've turned into as much of a meteorologist as a photographer, often checking dew points in the middle of the night in hopes of a foggy, ephemeral morning.

After my senior year in high school, I was involved in a traumatic accident that left me in the burn unit for 8 months, clinging to life with an amputated hand and 3rd degree burns. The experience not only left me physically altered, but also dramatically altered the way I perceive the fleeting nature of life. I have learned to slow down and be more open and mindful of the "now" moment.

Along with taking landscape photographs, I also work on the burn trauma unit at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and am involved with numerous outreach programs in the community involving assistance to burn survivors. I am on the Board of Directors for the St. Florian Burn Foundation, a regional non-profit based out of Iowa City that raises money for programs assisting burn survivors and increasing fire safety awareness. A portion of all my photography proceeds goes to this non-profit, helping to assist children who have been burned with attendance at miracle burn camp, where I am also a counselor.

Burns are skin deep, while the capacity for love and appreciation is to the bone, through and through. My will as a photographer is to instill this sentiment into those who view my photographs. My endeavor as a citizen is to direct this effort towards those who have been through the same experiences as myself, so that they too may have a renewed outlook on our world and a refreshing zest for life.