Plays in Mud

San Francisco, CA

I create with specific intent and purpose, producing unique vessels that are as pleasing to look at as they are to use. I feel that working in small groupings yields time for more attention. Every piece is distinctive and different and can be adored for its uniqueness. My forms are influenced by nature, similar to the sensual curve of a bird’s wing or the seductive curve of a mountain. The undulating movement of life can be seen in the following progression of my pottery from foot to rim. 

 Embellishing the surface of the piece is as important as the form itself. Once the vessel has been completed I start to enhance the surface one stamp at a time. I begin at the rim with a single, handmade stamp, perfectly placed, and continue around the piece until I have stamped a full ring at the top. I decorate in concentric circles down the piece until one stamp pattern has been completed. I then go back with a smaller stamp in the negative spaces until the full pattern is complete. AFter the body of the piece has been decorated I finish it by integrating the design onto the bottom. Sometimes, just for me, I play. I create new surface decorations, put handles where they should not be, add a stamp that does not belong. I even hide my signature on the bottom of pots nestled in with the pattern. I think to myself and smile; will folks even notice?