Peterman’s Boards and Bowls, Spencer Peterman

Gill, MA


Spencer Peterman knows wood, inside and out. That expertise enables him to provide some amazing alternatives to your standard wooden bowls and accessories – and each piece he creates has its own story. We are proud that we use all local woods from central New England: the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont forests are a rich resource. We have special relationships with our local tree service companies. Normally, they would want to get rid of, chip up, or make firewood of logs with any decay – and that’s where we come in. We actually embrace decomposing wood because that decomposition gives each bowl a distinctive character. We believe in upcycling – taking logs that normally are discarded, and making something beautiful out of them. When Spencer gets hold of a Spalted Maple or an Ambrosia Maple log with just the right character, he can make wonderful things happen on the lathe.