Paul Jeselskis

Michigan City, IN


Over the past 15 years Paul Jeselskis has developed a line of functional and decorative porcelain pottery. His work has won numerous awards and is widely recognized across the United States. He shows at art fairs throughout the Midwest, in Colorado and New England, and he is represented in a number of galleries.

Paul first forms his work on a potter’s wheel and then carves and manipulates the surfaces. He uses a high fire porcelain clay body that he has developed, along with a variety of bright colorful glazes that are easy on the eye and durable. Paul fires his work in one of several kilns that he has built, both gas and electric.

Unwilling to be confined to one medium, Paul is also involved in furniture design, painting, photography, and sculpture. He finds it important to keep his work fresh, and each medium stimulates the others. Paul has taught at Indiana University Northwest and has offered workshops in kiln building, glaze chemistry, throwing techniques and sculptural techniques. He draws upon his extensive knowledge of ceramic history and glaze chemistry for the creation of his classic and artistic pottery forms.