Oberon Design

Santa Rosa, CA

Artist’s Statement

In 1967, Brendan Smith, the owner and founder of Oberon Design, embarked on a course of artistry that has occupied his life for over forty years. A talented musician and composer, author, gardener and entrepreneur, Brendan steadfastly adhered to a vision of quality and ‘do-it -yourself’ simplicity in his leather artistry and business practices that has stood the test of time.

All Oberon Design Britannia metal products are hand cast in our studio shop in Santa Rosa, CA. In our casting process we use only the purest, lead free, Britannia metal. Because of its purity, Britannia metal can be cast at very high temperatures that result in a low tarnish, high polish finish. We carve our own molds and cast all our products in small batches of 6-12 pieces at a time. This insures the casting quality of each individual piece and results in very light weight yet durable parts, especially important in our earrings and hair clips. Our shop features a state of the art water treatment system that utilizes polymers to thoroughly clean soap residues that accumulate in our casting process, eliminating any potential contamination of public water systems.