Nichibei Pottery, Cheryl Costantini & Mikio Matsumoto

Sebastopol, CA


Our work blends the elegant tradition of Japanese folk art with a contemporary flair resulting in collection of pottery that is unmistakably Nichibei. Literally translated, Nichibei means “Japan and America.”

As a husband and wife team, we have been pursuing a common passion to create pots with timeless beauty since 1985.  We believe that a good pot must evoke a sense of both strength and grace and should never go out of style. Classic forms, clean lines, and precise throwing are the hallmark of our work.

Though we are a team, we each make our own unique pots and have subtly different styles. Trained for six years in Japan as a traditional apprentice, Cheryl’s work tends to focus more on function and elegant forms and reflect the disciplined and fastidious style she learned there. Through born in Japan, Mikio learned his craft in the United States, and his work tends to embrace a freer and more creative exploration of clay. Mikio’s work is best known for its intricate carving and constructed forms. Working side by side for such a long time, it is hard to say who has been the inspiration for whom. I believe it is safe to say we inspire each other.