Mr. Sogs Creatures, Joelle Medici and Emily Doyle

Renton, WA


Joelle Medici and Emily Doyle are the creative minds behind Mr. Sogs Creatures, which was established in 2007. Working together as a dynamic team, the sisters dedicate their time to create unique, one of a kind products for kids and adults alike. Joelle holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Memphis, and Emily holds a degree in English from the University of Memphis as well. Both enjoy spending time collaborating with one another to come up with new product ideas to bring the best, most finely crafted products to life. As time has progressed, Joelle has taken the reigns of the business, focusing more on the wholesale aspect of the business, while Emily has dedicated her time to sales, marketing, and productivity of merchandise.

Joelle and Emily both have a deep love for animals, which can be seen throughout the collection from the unique spin on an aardvark to the realistic portrayal of the penguin. It is their hope to see the company expand throughout the country with various types of galleries and independent boutiques carrying their designs. The goal of Joelle and Emily is to bring to life creations based on crazy imaginations and modern design by producing affordable, unique designs parents will want to buy their children as well as capturing the whimsy of adults being a child at heart.

Each individual product designed by Mr. Sogs Creatures is a one of kind, unique design handcrafted in Michigan. All of the plush toys are cut by hand, sewn by hand on a machine gifted by Joelle and Emily’s mother, then finished off with hand stitching. Every creature features safety eyes, which allows children of all ages to enjoy because they eyes are securely fastened with a washer/clamp device on the back of each eye. Another feature of the design is the convenience of being able to throw the toys in the washing machine in case they get dirty from play. With every product they put out, lots of love and consideration go into every detail to make sure that each individual piece is unique in its own way. With each creature, there are washing instructions on the tag to ensure proper care.