Moon Spoons, Jonathan and Julia Simons

Kempton, PA


MoonSpoon®is designed by Jonathan and Julia Simons.  Jonathan is an artist and furniture maker. About thirty six years ago he started making wood spoons and has designed them ever since.

Today Jonathan is known as  'Jonathan Spoons'.

When Jonathan met his wife, Julia, also an artist, they chose to put their design ideas together and make their own unique line of wooden spoons.

When MoonSpoon® began the design was a simple carved “moon” on a spoon.  They wanted to be certain their  unique art concept of cutting wood spoons with a laser could work and it did. As Jonathan and Julia continued experimenting over the years the designs became more inspired and inventive.

"We want to evoke profound meaning – with our creative designs.”

The name ‘MoonSpoon® ’ evolved from their first moon design and the correspondent meaning of the moon. For Jonathan the moon represents the reflection of faith. Julia enjoys; while looking at the moon, the consideration of uniting friendship. "We can all see our moon as it rises and sets where-ever we live and as a reminder -  together we can ponder good thoughts and sweet dreams toward each other".

MoonSpoon® means reflecting and sharing - and what could be more fun than sharing a Moon on a Spoon?

"We have designed collections of twelve patterns on about thirty five different utensils.  All our Spoons are made from solid Pennsylvania Cherry Wood, 100% natural, with no dyes, resins or polymers. Our spoons and other utensils are meticulously designed, cut and then carefully hand-shaped. We make each utensil with our own inventive wood cutting and sanding machines. Also we have tested the purity our product and found they are even safe for babies."

Their most popular MoonSpoon® spoons are the little spoons, spreaders and tongs. Friends love to share them as a simple hostess gift. Together Jonathan and Julia have designed an exceptional product to share with friends and family. One of Julia’s favorite pieces is the Tea Nest® - this makes a cozy cup of tea while sharing time with a special friend.