Metallic Evolution

Guelph, ON

Artist’s Statement

Husband & wife team John and Heather Zondervan work together in their metal studio on the family farm in rural Ontario, Canada.. Since 1996 they have developed a broad range of artistic work, from indoor home decor, to garden art, to jewelry and serving ware. Mix in some custom wood & steel furniture and you have Metallic Evolution!

This collection of metal work is all made of mild steel. Brightly sanded pieces are protected with a clear, rust-resistant coating. Care should be taken not to harm the finish, as this could expose the metal to oxidation. No maintenance required - to clean, simply dust! Not recommended for use in damp locations or outdoors.

The rusty pieces are designed for year around outdoor use with no care required. Stainless steel spacers at the back of each piece provide some protection to wall surfaces from the rust.  If used indoors, we recommend sealing with a clear lacquer designed for metal.