Marsha Myers


Pottery is an art as old as humanity. Clay vessels have been used for cooking and decorative purposes by people worldwide throughout history.

For over 40 years, I have been making pottery and mixing my own glazes from a variety of clays and selected minerals. Each piece is wheel-thrown, hand- decorated, and gas-fired twice--the second time to more than 2300 F. The result is pottery with a range of rich, warm glazes and individualized decoration with the unmistakable print of the maker’s hand.

This stoneware is lead-free, oven-proof up to 375 F., dishwasher and microwave safe. However, stoneware pottery will not tolerate sudden temperature changes. It is best to put the prepared dish into a cold oven and allow it to heat slowly as the oven heats. Never place a hot dish in cold water or onto a cold surface. Stoneware is not designed for use on stove tops. This should insure years of easy care, constant use and aesthetic enjoyment.

Please feel welcome to visit my studio.