Marilyn Davis

Moline, IL

Ceramist Marilyn Davis has always been fascinated by animal and plant imagery.  Recently she has been exploring an ancient ceramic technique called “sgraffito.”  Slip or under glaze is brushed onto greenware. After it dries partially, a pattern is scratched through, revealing the contrasting white color of the porcelain clay body. She then applies a semi-transparent glaze after the work is bisque fired.  By using this ancient method of decoration, she can combine the broad freedom of brushwork with intricate linear patterns that move the viewer's eye around the work.  

A resident of Moline, IL, Marilyn is one of twelve original founders of Iowa Artisans Gallery. Her studies in art and art history have taken her to Hunter College and Columbia University in New York City, Denmark, Montana and the University of Iowa. Marilyn has participated in numerous shows in Iowa and Illinois.