Marcia Wegman

Iowa City, IA


The Midwest landscape has surrounded me all of my life.  Having spent most of my childhood in Ohio and my entire adult life in Iowa, it is the images of these vistas which periodically inspire me to try a new way of expressing this subtly beautiful landscape.  I enjoy hiking in some wilder parts of the country so am also challenged by the unique forms of beauty found in each of these places.  In the past I have worked in acrylic and collage, now I am using the medium of soft pastel to capture the qualities of undulating hills, overlapping rhythmic forms, textures of trees and vegetation, rich colors, dynamic patterns, changing light, and always, the sky.  The land remains constant, the colors transform subtly from season to season, but the sky is an ever-shifting panorama of light, color and form.  The possibilities are limitless. 


The immediacy and directness of pastel is the quality I most value in this medium.  I feel I am able to best approximate and express the ephemeral and very magical essence of light as it moves across the land through pastel painting.