Maggy Ames

New York, NY


With my stoneware, my first thoughts are of the user.  Is the piece intimidating or does it become part of the user's everyday life?  Does it sit austerely on a shelf or does it invite warm stews and steaming soups?  My stoneware should entice the user to believe that everyday utensils can be fine handmade works of craft.   By working in both porcelain and stoneware, I believe I can offer more aspects of myself and my values as a potter.

All of my pottery is handmade by myself in my studio in New York City.  This piece is made of high-fired, one of the most durable and sturdy materials available. Everything is either hand thrown or hand built and glazed. Only lead-free, food-safe materials are used. They can go into the oven, microwave and dishwasher, —really!  As with all ceramic products, please do not place a cold piece in a preheated oven. These pieces want to be used- please enjoy them!