Lynne Carlson

Cedar Rapids, IA

Lynne has been at the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio since 2012 and is currently featured at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art “Into the Blue Exhibition.”

The helix series are made by cutting striped glass into thin strips of less than 8mm and placing them on their sides. These are surrounded by other thin strips. The rest of the piece has two layers of fused glass that surrounds the strips. The piece consists of COE 96 glass, full fused (~1435 degrees F), annealed and then slump fused into a mold. These are food safe. 

The Heart of Gold incorporates full fused amber and iridescent clear glass and tack fused amber frit. The iridescent glass is not considered food safe. 

The glass can be cleaned using a clean damp cloth and wiped dry.