Liz Kinder

Philadelphia, PA


Liz Kinder's delicate bowls and vases are always surprising customers with their sassy, amusing descriptive cards, which we include with purchase. 

Her career as a ceramicist began quite accidentally while selling her bicycle to chef, Joseph Manzare, who after seeing her pieces displayed in her home, promptly orders serving pottery and a large vase for his restaurant in San Francisco.

Since then, Liz has been inundated with orders for her ultra savvy and very un-IKEA pottery. Her colors are unlike anyone we currently carry. She now lives with husband, Tim, children, her kiln and a Siamese cat in Philadelphia. Where she says she is, “Becoming one of those boring people who talks about IKEA kitchen options, drywall, plumbing, utilities, mortgages, and the benefits of radiant heat.” Kinder has a BA in Fine Arts from Amherst College in Amherst, MA and a Masters from the Ceramics and Glass department at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


I make functional pottery with 7 different clay bodies, 100 different glazes and 3 firing techniques.  I’m all about surface.  I’ve got 3 kids and live in Philadelphia.  I did my undergrad at Amherst College, and I got my graduate degree at the Royal College of Art in London.  Neither of these credentials stops me from doing really stupid things with my pottery that sometimes come out really well.