Lila Clare Jewelry, Clare Johnston

Tucson, AZ 

Artist's Statement

Lila Clare Jewelry is handmade by artisan Clare Johnston in Tucson, AZ. Clare’s love of nature translates into her jewelry design. Clare handmakes precious metal and gemstone jewelry that interprets nature in graceful and elegant forms. All of her pieces are handmade in the USA and are eco-friendly, using recycled sterling silver. 

Lila Clare Jewelry is made to give women simple, classic jewelry that helps them form a deeper connection with themselves and the earth. It is made to give back to my community. It is inspired by nature, and formed from earth’s elements while striving to take very little from the earth. Lila Clare Jewelry is fundamentally an expression of my voice and honors the legacy of making that my parents began on that small mountain in North Georgia.

handmade botanical jewelry