Katie Geraty

Stone, Bone, Wood, Cloth – Katie Geraty

Des Moines, IA

It all started with a perfectly imperfect tangerine quartz discovered in a crystal shop near the energetic vortex of Mt Shasta. This stone was packed with magical energy - creativity, passion, curiosity, inspiration, playfulness and innocence. It was BEAUTIFUL. It led me further into a fascination with gemstones and the meanings they carry.

Imagine objects that inspire you to live more mindfully, joyfully and in the moment. Porcelain vessels with semi-precious stones for meditation or one-of-a-kind intention bracelets that help you manifest your dreams.

"A wise woman once told me: 'there is memory in stone, bone, wood and cloth.' I know it’s a bit clunky for a name, but it perfectly sums up the intention behind Stone Bone Wood Cloth…the idea that we live and we create and we become a collection of all our intentions.

Our mission is to create beautiful objects, hand-made from stone, bone, wood or cloth that can be customized with gemstones or charms of your choosing to make a one-of-a-kind personal talisman…something unique and individual."