Kate Brennan Hall

Cedar Falls, IA

Artist's Statement


My kitchen tea towels hang in some of the best “galleries” in the world: your kitchen! 

Recently, I had a conversation with a long-time customer. During our conversation I noted that we handprint each of my towels and she exclaimed, “you handprint them?!” Yes, we, my husband and I, handprint each and every towel. It’s easy to assume that they were printed in a factory somewhere. Nope that's why I use the gat #handmadebyOURhands in my social media posts and why I want to provide a glimpse into the screen printing process. Yep, that’s me, pulling the squeegee full of ink and checking each print for quality control. Etsy and other retailers may have changed their definition of handmade, but for us it remains unchanged: made by our hands. 

Kate Brennan Hall is an illustrator and printmaker living in the Midwest. Her work seeks to elevate the ordinary—to showcase the beauty and humor all around us. Her work has been featured by top brands around the world, but she’s happiest creating goods for your home.  She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with an emphasis in printmaking and illustration. Check out her ever-expanding range of small batch handmade goods that include tea towels, prints, and cards.