Joanna Alot Design

Skokie, IL


Joanna is an artist of hand-painted silk – creating beautiful clothing, paintings, and accessories.  She is a native of Warsaw, Poland where she studied art and architecture.  Her background of silk painting comes from an old Polish school in Milanowek, a small town known for its silk manufacturing and design since the 17th century.  In this school, the artists emphasized the inspiration and transformation of nature and expressed it onto silk fabric.  The silk than became marvelous, wearable art. 

Joanna’s craft combines an old process with new technology and new fabrics.  Her experience and development of individual silk treatment techniques produces unique and beautiful effects.  Whether it is a classical, floral, or abstract print, Joanna always creates something new.

The entire collection of scarves, ties, and other accessories is hand-painted on 100% silk. The process begins with pristine white, starched silk.  Dyes applied during the painting process are alkali (Proction H Dye – made in the USA), and are permanently fixed by steaming under high temperature and pressure.  A finish of gold or copper print results in unusually beautiful and inspired material effects.  Finally, the silk fabric is specially treated to enhance color and smooth texture to ensure many years of enjoyment. 


Joanna’s designs are always recognized and highly appreciated.  Her designs have been displayed at the Smithsonian Institute gift store, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Art Center, and Arts and Artisans galleries around the world.