Jane Chukas

Galena, IL


Jane Chukas has lived most of her life in the small towns and rural settings of Iowa. Music was her first art form.  She has a bachelor’s degree in music education as well as extensive experience as a musician and teacher.

Seven years ago, she began making visual art.  She began with acrylic paint, later converting to pastels, specifically oil pastels and has used them almost exclusively ever since.  They are dust free, non toxic and tolerant of moisture and sunlight.  Recently, she has begun adding oil stick in combination with oil pastels.

Jane strives for strong design, dynamic color and simple lines.  Today’s world is so complex, she feels that simple shapes provide a visual rest.  She works toward an abstract element within the framework of representational art.  She generally starts with a sketch, but this is only the starter dough.  She believes staying present in the moment allows for freedom and growth with each piece.

Jane is a regional artist who currently shows in galleries in Marion, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, and Fairfield in Iowa and Galena, Illinois.  Her work is part of corporate and personal collections in Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Falls Church, Virginia, and, of course, Iowa.