James Spring

Burlington, IA

Artist's Statement

Born 1948 in Burlington, Iowa Jim was educated in Burlington Schools and Studied art at The University of Denver and the University of Iowa. Jim went on to study dendrology at Iowa Wesleyan.

Jim was schooled in “The Leopold Nay,” by his grandfather, Frederic (Aldo Leopold’s youngest brother). The natural world is in their blood. 

After 45 years of painting and carving birds and botanical (and a draft horse) Jim was left with countless awards and a reputation for doing precise and beautiful work. In 2011 Jim fulfilled a lifelong dream and began turning wood after learning the skill from a Trent Bosch workshop. Jim got serious in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since, making a bowl a day, turning exquisite, extraordinary pieces from his own timber or wood from his son, Willow, an urban forester in Iowa City. 

Jim still paints occasionally and also creates fine custom made furniture. 

Bowl Care

  1. Gently wash the bowl inside and out, using a non-abrasive cloth or pad, warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse the bowl completely with warm water
  2. Dry the exterior of the bowl with a clean cloth or paper towel
  3. To ensure any water absorbed by the bowl evaporates, allow it to completely air dry. The bowl will appear to fade or dry out. 
  4. To prevent warping, staining or cracking, at least once a week apply one or two coats of mineral oil to your bowl 
  5. To periodically sanitize your bowl, mix three tablespoons vinegar with one cup water, rinse the entire bowl with the solution, and repeat steps one through four.