Jake Putnam

 North Liberty, IA

Jake Putnam is an artist currently living in North Liberty, Iowa. He received training in art from Luther College in Decorah Iowa where he specialized in realistic, figurative painting. Although he still enjoys painting in great detail, he has begun moving away into more carefree and whimsical illustration. This allows for more expressive works that hopefully spread as much happiness as he is given by making them.

Artist Statement:

Jake’s “WilderKind” Prints are inspired by children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”, Peter Pan’s Lost Boy’s, and “The Very Hungery Catipiller”. Their creation is an impulsive process of moving around recycled scrap paper and finding what speaks to Jake organically. The quote used and specific animal headdress come last, following the dancing pose and paper pattern.
 Each work uses recycled paper, is printed ON 100% recycled paper, and like the stories that inspire them, completely focused on the joy and well being provided by nature. The purpose of these prints is to find what inspires you and keep it as a friendly reminder.