Jacob Howe

Oskaloosa, IA 


I am a woodworker living in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I live and work no ur family’s Heritage Farm, which has been in my family for 154 years. Thirty-five acres of our land is forest, some of which is natural forest and other sections that have been planted as timber plantations. We work closely with our county forester to encourage high quality forest environments and timber. I work mostly with logs and timber that comes from our land. I do not cut down healthy trees but rather pick up the trees that come down to natural causes, including storm damage, wind, insect infestations, and ash bore. Give my proximity with the land, I am able to walk through the timber and identify where the tree lived that each bowl and slab is made from. Most bowls are turned from logs from our land and I have started milling natural edge slabs on the farm for future projects. 

We currently have a major issue with ash bore death and are working closely with our county forester to make sure we maintain our forests. We will be harvesting dead and dying ash trees for milling while they remain useful and then replanting those areas with a collection of diverse area appropriate species of trees. Stewardship and care for the land has been a long-term tradition ino ur family and will continue in the future through timber-stand improvement projects. Sustainable water management practices, and maintaining diverse ecosystems for wildlife. 

Care information: 

All cutting boards and bowls are finished with a natural food safe mineral oil. Hand wash with mild soap and immediately dry. Never place these items in the dishwasher. End grain cutting boards should be left on edge to prevent warping and/or cupping. Reapply mineral oil as needed.