Ivy Woodrose

Oak Park, MI


Established in 1999, Ivy Woodrose (aka: Ivy Solomon) jewelry grew out of my passion for making small detailed and meaningful pieces of art.

My earliest exploration of this budding interest in symbols and stories occurred during grade school in the form of embroidery. This led to the embellishment of clothing I eventually learned to make. Other mediums of communication have included graphic design, writing, ceramics, weaving, and woodworking. Now, I thoroughly enjoy metalsmithing, capturing details with PMC and coloring my pieces with pigmented epoxy resin.

In 2002 I began experimenting with these three techniques and developed my resin enamel jewelry. My pendants, earrings and bracelets are fabricated from sterling silver. Colored resin is applied over the inserted details that are made from PMC (precious metal clay). Further, once the resin has been heat cured, each piece is sanded and polished to a glass-like shine. Some pieces are embellished with fresh water pearls and/or 22k gold.

Ivy Woodrose Jewelry has received recognition and awards from several art fairs and festivals in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. The Rio Grande Company, via the Saul Bell Design Competition, honored me with First Place awards (PMC Category) in 2004 and 2006.  An article on my process was featured in the 2004 premier issue of the Art Jewelry Magazine. My work has appeared in several books, exhibited around the country and in Japan. A piece titled “The Spirit of Summer” is part of a collection owned by the Mitsubishi Company.

It is the simple things of life that bring me the most joy and I feel strongly that quality surpasses quantity.  The texture and feel of my work is very important.  The perfect weight, silky smooth metal and comfort are critical to the joy of wearing jewelry.  For this reason, extra care is spent on the fit and finish of each piece.