Hans Eric Olson

Fairfield, IA

Artist’s Statement

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Paintings of landscapes inspire me, from Maui to the Midwest, I paint whatever

surrounds me. Wherever I am painting I love to chase the light.

Hans says: 

"I paint because I cannot not paint, if that makes any sense. It is my spiritual path,

one that delivers me from the stress of this crazy world. I love the experience– from

sight to sound, from temperature to atmosphere, and then channeling all those feelings

from head to hand, re-creating the vision in front of me on canvas. Painting takes me

out of my mind and into real peace and happiness. Take a moment from your busy day

and indulge yourself."

 "Nature stopped at some point and you went further and further with it.

 Great Art picks up where nature ends." - M. Chagall.