Gregg W. Palm, G3 Studios

Interlochen, MI

Artist's Statement

G3 Studios was launched in 2003 by Gregg W. Palm and Yvonne J. Holland, who intruduced their company to woodworking and art enthusiasts by displaying at art fairs and galleries throughout southest Michigan and the Midwest. G3 Studios' home and office products can now be found in galleries and homes throughout North America.

Gregg works in wood because of its warmth and infinite variations, and has chosen the segmented wood technique for the technical and analytical challenges it poses. The different pieces used for each segment are oriented based on grain strength and cut to precise measurements to ensure strong bongds between teh segments. The finished product highlights the subtle beauty of the wood while radiating its tactile, aesthetic, and practical appeal.

Gregg's artistically-intensive process is unique in its creation and end result. It is this dual uniqueness that garners each G3 crafted product immediate attention and appreciation. And while not everyone will become a G3 customer, everyone who sees a G3 product will certainly become enlightened as to just how beautiful every day goods can be when they are crafted from exotic woods.