Ginger Meek Allen

Wake Forest, North Carolina

In her work Ginger combines artisan skill with aesthetic finesse in making jewelry and small vessels in her downtown metals studio. Her skills at the bench, including forging, fabricating, etching, hollowform construction, creative stonesetting and texturing – when linked with her eye for contemporary but organic design – generate a unique and expressive body of work that conveys the mark of the human hand.

Whether commissioned by a custom client or generated by Ginger’s personal artistic vision, each piece is a meaningful celebration of the power of both art and fine craft to inspire, commemorate and preserve. Ginger has more than 20 years experience in jewelry-making. Beginning as a beader, Ginger’s work has grown to include the most complex of techniques in metalsmithing. Ginger is particularly adept with complex constructions and infusing narrative meaning into a piece of jewelry or small-scale metal sculpture. She is commissioned frequently to create pieces that allow her clients to commemorate milestones and commitments. She believes in and celebrates the power of jewelry to mark the journey of the wearer. Because it is worn on the body, Ginger believes jewelry is the most intimate of art forms. Ginger works in gold, palladium white gold, platinum, sterling silver, copper and enamel. She incorporates found objects when appropriate, and insists on heirloom quality.