Front Avenue Pottery & Tile Co., Mary Jo Schmith

St. Paul, MN


Working with clay enables me to craft works of art that function in the everyday: in our kitchen, on our table, held in our hands, used hundreds of times with family and friends. They are to be used in and to illuminate the endless cycles of life that surround and consume us every single day.

A love for the beauty of craft, the science of raw materials, and the unpredictable forces of fire keep every pot a new challenge.

Front Avenue carries on the tradition of working raw clay into quality, functional stoneware that is durable and finely crafted. High temperature reduction firing and the studio's playful decorations make the pottery unique!

Food, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Put in cold oven, preheat with oven. Studio formulated and prepared lead and barium free glazes.