Eric & Christopher

Perkasie, PA


Eric Fausnacht was born in Pennsylvania. He received a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and continued his education at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. During this time he began an interest in the study of the strength and textures of birds, especially domestic fowl.

Eric is an award winning, exhibiting artist who shows his original works of art both locally (Bucks County, PA) and nationally.

Christopher Kline was born in Bermuda, but has spent most of his time growing up in Bucks County, PA. He started a screen printing business "Kanika" while in high school (1989) and continues to own and operate the business today. He is also an award winning artist showing original oil paintings around the Bucks County area.

Eric and Christopher met while participating in an art show outside of Philadelphia, PA. At the show Chris introduced Eric to a new art project he was developing titled "Push Pull Print" (2011). The show would invite 20 artists who were not screen print artists to convert their works into screen prints with his help. Upon completion, all the participating artists would showcase their finished pieces in a show. Eric accepted the challenge and through the process Chris and Eric were able to talk about their art and their businesses.

Shortly after the completion of the second Push Pull Print project Eric had come up with the idea to put his images on to pillows.

I have to admit...I thought the idea was a little 'off par' at the time. I mean, here is a talented painter and artist who wants to screen print pillows? I had a preconceived idea that artists would come in and "push" their boundaries while creating entirely new bodies of art.

As it turns out, Eric had done just that. He had never screen printed and he wasn't in the pillow manufacturing business. True to the "Push Pull Print" principles Chris had gotten what he asked for. An artist "pushing" the boundaries "pulling" ideas together and then "printing" it.

I started Push Pull Print to push my own personal boundaries and get to know other artists and how they work and create. There's no telling what will become of an idea once you set it in motion. This is what the project is all about. Working with Eric has been nothing but a pleasure. We have so much fun meeting animals, editing art together and being able to make our own product.

2012 is when "Eric and Christopher" started printing and manufacturing. Through Eric's network of art shows and attending their first wholesale show together they sold over 1,000 pillows in their first 6 months.