Dock 6 Pottery

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I took my first class at the Ann Arbor Art Association while studying other things at the University of Michigan.  Then I started selling pots about 5 years later, and by 1995 was making a living as a potter. I was the very worst one in my beginning wheel-throwing class, but I didn’t care because it was great fun and I loved it.  

As Dock 6 Pottery has grown over the years, I’ve had to evolve into a business manager and not just a potter. Interestingly, however, this same growth has actually made me a better potter. As time for creating has become more precious, my priorities for what I want to make have distilled and clarified. I take more time to think, sketch, and prepare for what I want to make so that every minute I have at my wheel counts.

Seeing someone use something I made is the best feeling in the world. Making beautiful things people will use everyday is what inspires me the most and drives me to make new things. I think of every cup, plate, and coaster as a small piece of functional art. Bringing affordable art to everyday people is what keeps me motivated and makes my soul happy.