Corrine Smith

Rock Island, IL


Corrine Smith is a mixed media artist focusing on paintings that incorporate a vivid color sense, abstraction, geometry and collage. “The evolution of my art has been a natural progression exploring the formal elements and principles of design through painting. While some works take on a recognizable structural imagery, I enjoy creating nonrepresentational works as well. Complex layers of acrylic paint and handmade papers create compositions full of dimension, expression, texture and pattern.

Each piece begins with several drawings combined, often one over another. One of my concentrations is to create a strong composition. I approach the work intuitively by laying in color choices, be it paint or handmade papers. Some of the paper I make myself. The papers allow for the application of immediate color and texture. As the composition develops, each piece is rotated and shapes and lines get covered up and often, new ones are created. For me, the evolution of the painting is an exciting, unknown journey that compels me to create. My largest source of applicable information is from the preceding painting. I am always striving for an aesthetic surprise. My ongoing goal is to keep an open mind, expand my perception and continue to create."

Below are illustrative samples of Corrine's work, to view the current inventory for Corrine visit here.