Cate & Levi Collection

Toronto, Canada


The Cate and Levi Collection was born shortly after the birth of our children, Levi Title and Cate Gottlieb. In the months that led up to their arrivals, we observed that there was a lack of creative, high quality, safe, responsibly made and beautifully designed products for our children. We decided to create a unique collection of animals that are intricately crafted and environmentally responsible. Our choice of reclaimed wool for the outside and non-dyed wool (a renewable resource) for the inside, ensure that our animals leave the softest possible paw print on our planet.

The Cate and Levi Collection is hand-made in our hometown of Toronto, Canada. We carefully select the combinations of colours and textures so that each animal is truly a one of a kind creation, never to be duplicated. They are playful objects of functional art that hearken back to the quality toys of past generations. It is our sincerest hope that these animals will become treasured keepsakes.

Ten percent of our profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund with hopes that the animals that inspired the Cate and Levi Collection will continue to exist throughout our children’s lives and beyond. It is important to us to set a good example for our children, work in a highly creative and responsible fashion, produce items that can be enjoyed today and by future generations without harming our planet, and to establish a company our families can be proud of.