Bob & Jacqueline Rickard, Kronos Works

Beacon, NY


I spent my college years in the 1960's on a meandering path of exploration through many majors, searching for one that could keep my interest. I eventually landed in Theatre where I learned to design, build and light stage sets. After college my creative needs were challenged staging productions for a regional California theatrical company.

The birth of my daughter turned my attention towards support of my family. Rather than move into the larger world of unionized theatre, I took a 30+ year diversion into creating abstract work ... computer software.

Seeking a way to return to producing more concrete works, I've combined a lifelong interest in "puttering out in the garage" with the visual aspects of the theatre. My tools are those common to metal fabrication shops: saws, shear, brake, torch, plasma cutter, welder, drill press, grinder, blast cabinet, spray booth.

While I've had no formal art education and no training in metal fabrication, my experience in the theatre and the garage provide me with skills which I am constantly expanding through experimentation with designs and processes.