Basic Spirit

Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Artist’s Statement

Basic Spirit is a homegrown company located in the seaside village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia. Our business and our love is to create gifts that touch the heart & delight the spirit. Using traditional methods of pewtersmithing with high quality, lead free metal, we put a fresh twist on our line of fine pewter. And quite simply, we enjoy the challenge of growing a company, doing our best to serve our customers and staying open to new possibilities.

Our village of Pugwash (no we don't wash Pugs) is on the north shore of our province. Its reputation for peace stems from the conferences that were held here at The Thinkers Lodge National Historic Site. In 1995 the Pugwash conferences on Science & World affairs won the Nobel Peace Prize along with its mentor, Sir Joseph Rotblat. (

Maybe it's the daily ebb and flow of our tides that renews our hope for peace in ourselves and in our world. We join other individuals and businesses in celebrating the privilege we have to help foster a healthy & loving world.

10% of profits fund philanthropic projects - see "Our Giving"