Anne Hellman

Berkeley, CA


Anne is a talented jeweler in metal from Berkeley, California.  Her earrings are small with designs incorporating strong shapes, always with a beautiful patina and hand finishing touches and adornments. Tiny rivets, or wire, or patterns etched deep into the surface of the metal.


To maintain the bright matte finish, rub with a synthetic scrubby. The dark bronze rubbed finish can be wiped with a damp, soft cloth. Best to handle earrings by the ear wire so they  do not pick up finger smudges.


We make our ear wires and rivets from 14K gold-filled or sterling silver wire. The body of the jewelry is cut from sterling silver or copper alloy sheet metal (bronze, copper, brass, and nickel silver). The chain is sterling silver. Posts are sterling silver or surgical steel.

Handmade in Berkeley, California.