Amanda Barr

"Art Without Fear"
Ames, IA


I took my first ceramics class as a creative outlet while pursuing a Masters in Spanish Literature. After finishing my degree, I decided to devote myself to ceramics full-time. I work in mid-range porcelain because I love the smooth texture of the clay and the ivory white gives me great contrast for decoration. I use both hand building and wheel-throwing to create delicate forms that I use as canvases for printing. I developed my unique technique because of a desire to marry my love of words and print with ceramics. With a somewhat twisted sense of humor and distinctly gothic style, I combine images and words with just a touch of glaze dripping around the rim to create unique and highly personal pieces.

I look mostly to television and literature for my inspiration – everything from film noir and classic creature features to modern sci-fi; from Pie to Carroll to Cervantes himself. 

All my pottery is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe unless marked otherwise.