All Fired Up – Now That’s a Switch!

Milton, Ontario


All Fired Up! Ltd. is a small ceramics company that specializes in designing and manufacturing decorative ceramic switch plates which are produced under the trademark ‘Now That's a Switch!™’

A switchplate cover was once a strictly utilitarian Item. It was there on the wall and one didn’t try to think of it as all, as long as it fulfilled its function. It was merely a humble piece of hardware. But then, when an artist, thinking outside the (electrical) box, so to speak, applies her talents in design to such an overlooked object, it is elevated in the realm of decorative accessory or even, dare we say it, a piece of art.

A few notes about their products: All switchplates are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved. They will fit on standard switches in North America only. We provide extra-length nylon screws with each switch (they are less likely to crack the ceramic than metal screws). These switches are thicker and slightly larger than the typical plastic one (and much nicer!). Not all designs are available in all configurations. Combination switch/receptacle plates are all reversible so it doesn't matter which side the plug is on. Colors will vary on most designs due to the nature of the decorating techniques and the variability of some of our glazes.