Alicia Schwab



Alicia Schwab (a-LEE-sha) (she/her) is an award-winning illustrator and book designer of more than eight books in both Germany and the US. Alicia grew up in southern Wisconsin in an intersectional family with a motley assortment of pets (including a toucan). She explored the surrounding forest, climbing trees, building forts, and drawing with her older brother. But when her sister refused to share her illustrated children's magazine, Alicia was encouraged to write and illustrate her own stories.

That spark later led Alicia to acquire a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art and design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She began her career by co-founding a graphic design firm in Hannover, Germany. She has illustrated several books (and magazines) in the United States and Germany. She lives in Minnesota and enjoys long walks with her adventurous husband, daughter, and sweet dog.



  • One of her earliest memories was watching a snake eat a toad. Eww!

  • Alicia loves visiting zoos all over the world.

  • She no longer climbs trees but enjoys gardening, instead.

  • Some of her gardens are highly engineered to conserve water.

  • She loves to cook, especially curry dishes.

  • She loves winter and snow.

  • Alicia also likes to bike in the summer and cross country ski in the winter.

  • Alicia is an autism advocate and supporter of neurodivergent people.