Abby's Acre; Al Buss

Grafton, WI

Artist's Statement

These birdhouses are designed and created in my studio, in an old mill overlooking the river. I am assisted by one fine, skilled woodworker. Each piece consists of multiple parts and construction procedures, which carry my "hands on" signature. I put a lot of pride and craftsmanship into each birdhouse. With a little care, they will last and be enjoyed for many years.

The birdhouses are built for specific-sized birds based on Audubon dimensions. Each one is tagged on the bottom with the item number and a bird species. The birds that use cavity nesting boxes will adapt to a "hanging house" which moves with the breeze. All that birds need is foliage and shade. Wrens like a hosue hung 7-10' from ground level. Other houses and feeders should be hung at a minimum of 6' from ground level Birdhouses should not be placed near a feeder, doorway or in direct sunlight.

A resident of Grafton, Wisconsin, Al Buss is inspired by the Gothic Revival barns and farmhouses of his native state. He is also an avid birder and named his business after his watchful Airedale, Abby.