Todd Woeber

Bettendorf, IA


Todd Woeber is the Chief Financial Officer for the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, a general handyman, and an outdoor enthusiast.

Todd’s goal was a functional, predator resistant, aesthetically pleasing birdhouse in a simple, modernist design. The birdhouses are made of PVC tubing, cedar, and stainless steel. The exterior is enamel finish and weather resistant polyurethane, and comes in a range of colors. Todd designed these birdhouses with a specifically sized entrance hole to optimize access for wrens. The entrance size prohibits use by common sparrows. Todd has used the birdhouse in his own yard for many years with great success.

These birdhouses are meant to be used outdoors and are designed to be low maintenance. After use by wrens, the old nesting material should be removed, and the birdhouse should be stored indoors during winter. Birdhouses may be hung from a branch using an eyehook or can be mounted vertically on a suitable structure.