Des Moines, IA


Sticks origins date back to 1985 when Sarah Grant, an abstract painter and college art instructor, was commissioned to design a wooden nativity set for Better Homes & Gardens Decorative Woodcrafts magazine. At the time, Sarah’s artistic background was solely focused on drawing and painting linear lines and surfaces, and this project challenged Sarah to incorporate her artistry onto a 3D surface.

On a weekend excursion to a friend’s antique store, Sarah came across some etched wooden furniture from the twenties and thirties. She was inspired. Sarah’s father, John, assisted her with carving the wooden structures for a nativity set, and she experimented with etching her designs onto the wooden set. She found this technique was an effective way to delineate her designs.


Decorative Woodcrafts magazine purchased one of Sarah’s nativity sets, and her mother, Carol, proudly claimed one of the “practice” sets to display in their family home. Sarah was soon inundated with requests from family and friends for nativity sets and small holiday items. She began a small company called “Origin Art Forms” to supplement her income.

In December of 1991, Better Homes and Gardens featured a story about Sarah and her company “Origin Art Forms” which solicited a large national response and an influx of orders. Sarah incorporated the company as Sticks, Inc. in 1992 and the company has evolved to offer a distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art. Each piece is handcrafted and designed within Sticks’ award winning design studio in Des Moines, Iowa by a staff of nearly 150 craft artisans.

Sticks has received national recognition for their exceptional line of furniture, accessories and object art. Sticks’ furniture and artwork is currently merchandised in over 100 galleries nationwide. Sticks’ business has also evolved to include interior installation projects for hospitals, libraries, schools, restaurants and hotels.